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A small modification of asyncore. Refer to the asyncore module for the license.
import select
import asyncore
# This function is identical to the poll2 function in asyncore, except that it
# uses selectepoll instead of select.poll
def epoll_poller(timeout=0.0, map=None):
"""A poller which uses epoll(), supported on Linux 2.5.44 and newer."""
if map is None:
map = asyncore.socket_map
if timeout is not None:
# timeout is in milliseconds
timeout = int(timeout*1000)
pollster = select.epoll()
if map:
for fd, obj in map.items():
flags = 0
if obj.readable():
flags |= select.POLLIN | select.POLLPRI
if obj.writable():
flags |= select.POLLOUT
if flags:
# Only check for exceptions if object was either readable
# or writable.
flags |= select.POLLERR | select.POLLHUP | select.POLLNVAL
pollster.register(fd, flags)
r = pollster.poll(timeout)
except select.error, err:
if err.args[0] != EINTR:
r = []
for fd, flags in r:
obj = map.get(fd)
if obj is None:
asyncore.readwrite(obj, flags)
# From the patch at
def kqueue_poller(timeout=0.0, map=None):
"""A poller which uses kqueue(), BSD specific."""
if map is None:
map = socket_map
if map:
kqueue = select.kqueue()
flags = select.KQ_EV_ADD | select.KQ_EV_ENABLE
selectables = 0
for fd, obj in map.items():
filter = 0
if obj.readable():
filter |= select.KQ_FILTER_READ
if obj.writable():
filter |= select.KQ_FILTER_WRITE
if filter:
ev = select.kevent(fd, filter=filter, flags=flags)
kqueue.control([ev], 0)
selectables += 1
events = kqueue.control(None, selectables, timeout)
for event in events:
fd = event.ident
obj = map.get(fd)
if obj is None:
if event.filter == select.KQ_FILTER_READ:
if event.filter == select.KQ_FILTER_WRITE:
if hasattr(select, 'epoll'):
_poll = epoll_poller # Uses select.epoll
elif hasattr(select, 'kqueue'):
_poll = kqueue_poller # Uses select.kqueue
elif hasattr(select, 'poll'):
_poll = asyncore.poll2 # Uses select.poll
_poll = asyncore.poll # Uses
# This is a slightly modified version of the loop function from asyncore
def loop(timeout=30.0, poller=_poll, map=None, count=None):
if map is None:
map = asyncore.socket_map
if count is None:
while map:
poller(timeout, map)
while map and count > 0:
poller(timeout, map)
count = count - 1