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(not maintained) A simple framework/CMS written in PHP5 and MySQLi.

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Shinobu 0.4

Shinobu is a simple framework/CMS written in PHP5 and uses MySQLi to store its data. My intention if not to provide a big, feature overloaded system, but a simple system that provides some basic features and is easy to extend (for a PHP developer) and easy to use.

Shinobu is currently under development and it may happen that some things do not work. And one should not use Shinobu in production.


The latest source code can be downloaded from the repository with Git. Just use the following command:

git clone git://

Or download a Zip/Tarball from:

All tagged releases can be found at:


  1. Create a database for Shinobu.
  2. Import mysql.sql into the database you just created.
  3. Rename site/sample.config.php to site/config.php
  4. Adjust database and cookie settings in site/config.php.
  5. Create a directory, called cache, in site/ and make it writable.
  6. Now run the following commands to install the php-utf8 library: git submodule init and then git submodule update.
  7. Go to the URL where Shinobu is installed.

There are a number of example users imported in the database. All these users have the same password, password.



You can find me at #shinobu on


Shinobu is licensed undet the Zlib/PNG license, PHP Markdown under the a BSD-style open source license and PHP-UTF8 under the GNU/LGPL 2.1.

See the docs directory for all the license files.


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