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Black Hat Arsenal Black Hat Arsenal

Created by MWR InfoSecurity (@MWRLabs)


  1. Installation Guide: device and workstation setup
  2. Quick Start Guide: how to start the agent and the framework
  3. Non-interactive Mode: how to use needle in a non-interactive way
  4. Command References: all the commands supported by the framework
    • Basic Features: extends (4), basic commands that can be run against the device
    • Modules Usage: extends (4), commands that can be run to interact with modules
    • Background Jobs: extends (4), how to manage background jobs
    • Issue Management: extends (4), how to manage the issue auto-detection feature
  5. Feature List: full list of features and modules supported by needle
  6. Theos Integration: instructions on how to use theos-based modules


  1. Architecture
  2. Agent
  3. How to Contribute
  4. Contribution Guide
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