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# Linguist
*.fst linguist-language=FStar
*.fst linguist-documentation=false
*.fsti linguist-language=FStar
*.fsti linguist-documentation=false
/src/ocaml-output/FStar_*.ml linguist-vendored
# Line endings
*.fs* eol=lf
*.ml* eol=lf
Makefile eol=lf
*.sh eol=lf
*.md eol=lf
configure eol=lf
*.mdk eol=lf
kremlin_ref eol=lf
.gitignore eol=lf
.ignore eol=lf
/src/tools/* eol=lf
/src/tests/interactive/* eol=lf
# Do not shows diff nor try to merge for the OCaml snapshot and hint
# files. This just takes the latest one when there's a conflict, and
# does not show diffs in the CLI nor GitHub.
/src/ocaml-output/FStar_*.ml -diff -merge
/src/ocaml-output/FStar_*.ml linguist-generated=true
*.hints -diff -merge
*.hints linguist-generated=true
# Checked modules
*.checked binary
*.checked linguist-generated=true
*.checked.lax binary
*.checked.lax linguist-generated=true
# Batch files
*.bat eol=crlf
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