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PKG batteries
PKG compiler-libs
PKG compiler-libs.common
PKG pprint
PKG yojson
PKG zarith
PKG menhirLib
PKG ulex
PKG ocaml-migrate-parsetree
S src/basic/ml
S src/extraction/ml
S src/fstar/ml
S src/ocaml-output
S src/parser/ml
S src/prettyprint/ml
S ulib/ml
B +threads
B src/ocaml-output/_build/src/basic/ml
B src/ocaml-output/_build/src/extraction/ml
B src/ocaml-output/_build/src/fstar/ml
B src/ocaml-output/_build/src/ocaml-output
B src/ocaml-output/_build/src/parser/ml
B src/ocaml-output/_build/src/prettyprint/ml
B src/ocaml-output/_build/ulib/ml
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