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Implementation of run-time support libraries for KreMLin

This directory contains F* source files that model various C concepts and libraries. These are collectively known as the "kremlib".

This directory additionally provides trusted, hand-written implementations:

  • of the F* models from kremlib (in c/)
  • of selected modules from F*'s own standard library (also in c/, prefixed with fstar_).

Once built, this directory produces:

  • a set of C files ready to be integrated by a consumer into their own source tree (in dist/generic)
  • a pre-built version of libkremlib (as dist/generic/libkremlib.a).

This directory also contains partial ML and JavaScript implementations of kremlib.

Building kremlib

This Makefile extracts and packages several variants of kremlib, to be found in the dist/ subdirectory. The default build is dist/generic, and the resulting object file is dist/generic/libkremlib.a.

A client wishing to integrate kremlib in their project should:

  • grab dist/generic
  • leave these files in their own directory
  • rely on Makefile.basic, a sound, parallel Makefile, to compile and generate libkremlib.a, then
  • pass libkremlib.a at the final linking stage.

Clients who have more complex use-cases (shared library, MSVC, 32-bit, ancient toolchains) should read the remainder of this document.

What is in kremlib (default build)

The kremlib/dist/generic directory contains numerous header files for the F* standard library modules. These header files are crucial, as they embody the expected function signatures that kremlib must provide when implementing some F* standard library module. They are automatically re-generated from the source F* files.

The kremlib/c directory contains corresponding unverified implementations, which are hand-written. Each C file, e.g. kremlib/c/fstar_date.c, includes its generated header, e.g. kremlib/dist/generic/FStar_Date.h, thus ensuring that the implementation provides the correct C function prototype.

Main build variants for kremlib

There are several build configurations supported for kremlib. Remember that the generated code can be easily customized by passing more KreMLin options (e.g. -fparentheses).

The default build (dist/generic)

The default build:

  • assumes a 64-bit target and either GCC or clang
  • includes every implementation found in kremlib/c
  • includes FStar.UInt128 with external linkage.

The minimalistic builds (dist/minimal)

The generic build configuration above includes as much as possible in terms of implementations. However, one oftentimes wishes to restrict the amount of files present in kremlib. To that end, the dist/minimal directory contains a barebones kremlib, made up of only the machine integers.

A verified, universal FStar.UInt128 implementation (dist/uint128)

For clients that wish to use a verified uint128 implementation from C, the dist/uint128 directory contains a self-contained, standalone implementation of FStar.UInt128. It must be compiled with -DKRML_VERIFIED_UINT128.

In the event that the target platform does not support unsigned __int128, this implementation can be used in lieu of dist/{generic,minimal}/FStar_UInt128.h and dist/{generic,minimal}/fstar_uint128.h.

An unverified, MSVC-specific FStar.UInt128 implementation

The implementation of FStar.UInt128 in the default build relies on unsigned __int128, a GCC/Clang-specific extension. In the event that one should wish to build with MSVC, it suffices to use dist/generic/fstar_uint128_msvc.c instead of dist/generic/fstar_uint128.c. The fstar_uint128_msvc.c file relies on compiler intrinsics, unless KRML_VERIFIED_UINT128 is defined, in which case it uses the slow, verified implementation (see immediately above).

No Makefile is provided for this build configuration, but the user might wish to take inspiration from

One can also use fstar_uint128_msvc.c in the minimal build configuration.

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