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Project Ironwood (Work In Progress)

A correct-by-construction blockchain protocol implmentation.

How to run

The author's version is Coq 8.8.0. To complie/check, run make clean; make.


  • Version 2.0 [In progress]

    • Add Byzantine adversaries
  • Version 1.1 [DONE]

    • Sensible names for lemmas
    • Improved proof structure and implementation
    • Human-readable high-level proof
  • Version 1.0 [DONE]

    • Synchornous network
    • No adversaries
    • Concensus on a boolean value
    • Implmenting BOSCO concensus protocol
    • Proving agreement property: all decisions made are the equal
    • Not executable
  • Future steps:

    • Asynchronous network
    • Liveness prorperty
    • More complex protocol
    • Extract to executables

Proof organization

File Description
Assumption.v Assumptions
High_def.v Abstract protocol semantics
High_proof.v Abstract agreement proof
Low_def.v Protocol implmentation, basic properties
Low_proof.v Agreement proof + readable version
Quorum.v Quorum abstraction
Refinement.v Refinement theorem (and all the lemmas)
Temporal.v (A not so successful atempt) to adopt temporal logic

The core theorem is Refinement in Refinement.v or you can try read the pretty proof Readable_Low_Level_Agreement in Low_proof.v which comes with comments that serves as a pen-and-paper proof.

Lemma naming

The lemmas in Refinement.v are ordered logically and named based on their forms. Different letters refers to properties about different formal concepts. Here's the reference list:

   V  = Validity
   S' = Step
   S  = Steps
   D  = Decision
   E  = Estimate
   R  = Round
   H  = History
   M  = Message
   L  = deLivery
   T  = sTate
   C  = Condition
   Q  = Quorum
   I  = Initial
   _  = Arrow
   c? = exact step ? changed
   l? = local ?
   g? = global ?
   ?p = ?'s properties
   eq = equality

For example, Lem_VR_E resembles a lemma that assumes validity of the global state and some constrains on the round number and concludes something about estimation.

Lemma Lem_VR_E : forall params gs r i, isValid params gs -> r <= round_no gs -> i < n gs -> exists b, extract_estimationr i gs r = Some b.

Haobin Ni, Cornell University, 2018


A Correct-by-Construction Blockchain Protocol Implementation




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