MONDO Collaboration Framework (WP4)
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MONDO Collaboration Framework (WP4)

The MONDO Collaboration Framework, initially developed by Work Package 4 of the MONDO project (main website, source code artifacts), enables online and offline collaboration of engineers on models hosted in a repository (currently SVN), with support for seamless access control for security and property-based locking for coordination.

The design of MONDO Collaboration Framework, along with configuration and basic usage instructions, is presented in the MONDO report D4.4 "Prototype Tool for Collaborative Modeling".

A screencast that showcases the capabilities of the MONDO Collaboration Framework, demonstrated on the Wind Turbine industrial case study (see below) of the MONDO project.

This repository hold the core components of the MONDO Collaboration Framework that are independent of the application domain; any actual usage requries metamodel-specific plugins to make the core components aware of the application domain. A few such demonstrative adaptations are available at the following external repositories:

This repository features Eclipse plugins and OSGi servlets written in Java and Xtend, built using Maven, and deployed in an Eclipse update site. The (optional) remote management components have a dependency on the integrated MONDO Server / Client products and in particular the MONDO Server Thrift API; these are available from a separate repository. Instructions on installing and / or building the MONDO Collaboration Framework are available for each of the application cases listed above.

Build artifacts: