SEViz (Symbolic Execution VisualIZer) is a tool for visualizing symbolic execution-based test generation
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Symbolic Execution VisualiZer (SEViz)


SEViz is a tool for visualizing symbolic execution-based test generation carried out by IntelliTest.

SEViz can enhance test generation for complex programs by visually presenting the information required to quickly identify modifications that enable the generation of further test inputs and increase coverage.

SEViz can also be used in education and training by showing the process and result of symbolic execution in a step-by-step manner on simpler programs.

The source code of the project consists of the following projects:

  • SEViz.Monitoring: captures information about the test generation of Visual Studio's IntelliTest (formerly Pex),
  • SEViz.Integration: an extension for Visual Studio that is able to interactively visualize the test generation process and links source code instructions to the visualization,
  • SEViz.Common: contains common data structures used by the previous two projects,
  • GraphSharp and GraphSharp.Controls: a fork of the GitHub project GrapSharp, modified for the needs of SEViz.

For more information see the tool's website (with user manual and examples).

Building the project

  1. Prerequisites for the build:
  • .NET framework v4.5
  • Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise (includes IntelliTest)
  1. Download the zip or clone the repository.
  2. Open the Visual Studio solution found in the Source folder as Administrator.
  3. Build the whole solution. This triggers two pre-build events:
  • Downloading the required NuGet packages.
  • Invoking the PowerShell script that copies the necessary Pex assemblies into the corresponding folder.