Objective-C 13 3


UIDevice for Macs. Includes some bonus features from UIDevice+Extension

Updated Feb 24, 2016

Objective-C 118 18


FTWButton is a UIControl subclass that lets you easily set color, gradient, text, and icon properties for various states and animates between them.

Updated Aug 25, 2014

Python 0 16


forked from agoragames/leaderboard-python

Leaderboards backed by Redis in Python

Updated Nov 30, 2012

Objective-C 8 2


A drop-in class that lets you set your program to launch at login.

Updated Oct 17, 2012

Objective-C 59 25


Dead simple caching for Mac and iOS

Updated Oct 17, 2012

Python 0 66


forked from ripplemotion/Djrill

Djrill is an email backend and new message class for Django users that want to take advantage of the Mandrill transactional email service from MailChimp.

Updated Sep 3, 2012

Python 0 28


forked from vishnevskiy/battlenet

Python Library for Blizzard's Community Platform API

Updated Sep 1, 2012

JavaScript 0 1


Updated Jul 25, 2012

Python 1 74


forked from themartorana/python-postmark

Postmark library for Python 2.4 and greater

Updated Apr 29, 2011

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