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About this Tutorial

In this tutorial we assume knowledge of C# and Visual Studio as well as working with 3D models, textures and Git. This will show you how to achieve a basic scene and interact with things in it. As the whole FUSEE setup is provided, it only provides an exemplary setup that works for this tutorial, though it should work for most anything that is possible in FUSEE at the moments.

Also, this is a work in progress. While we are trying to provide all the knowledge you need for using FUSEE, you might not yet find the most bleeding edge implementations here.

A more deliberate choice is that we are not using Scene Management for this tutorial (we are basically writing our own here), you will learn much more about how object manipulation in FUSEE works without it. Anyways the transition using Scene Management should be easy for you after finishing this tutorial.

The solution file of this tutorial contains a project for every lesson with the state that should be achieved at the end of the lesson. If you want to start coding your own project in parallel, you can use the Lesson00 project.

If you get stuck in the first few lessons, try the First Steps tutorial.


  • [Lesson 00 - The Basic Setup](Lesson 00)
  • [Lesson 01 - Getting a Visual](Lesson 01)
  • [Lesson 02 - Control](Lesson 02)
  • [Lesson 03 - The Bigger Picture](Lesson 03)
  • [Lesson 04 - Structure: GameEntity](Lesson 04)
  • [Lesson 05 - Structure: GameWorld](Lesson 05)
  • [Lesson 06 - Structure: Player](Lesson 06)
  • [Lesson 07 - ShaderEffect](Lesson 07)
  • [Lesson 08 - Structure: Target](Lesson 08)
  • [Lesson 09 - GameStates](Lesson 09)
  • [Lesson 10 - GUI](Lesson 10)
  • [Lesson 11 - Protobuf](Lesson 11)
  • [Lesson 12 - More of everything](Lesson 12)

Upcomming Lessons

  • Physics
  • Input Devices
  • Particel System
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