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  • YaPB was updated to latest master. Commit hash: 71fb7cea45e664c01d80aab470063cdb16f08d34
  • ReGameDLL_CS was updated to latest master. Commit hash: cc1f584a7f4616d858f17739412498f7460a31b3
  • VK and Discord buttons are added in Main Menu.
  • Tried to fix old bug with HL1-styled controls.
  • Bots are now talking, yay.

Known bugs:

  • Now YaPB bots talks too much sometimes.

Almost nothing changed in client. This is a last update to branch 1.3x, released only to test updated ReGameDLL and YaPB. Next update will be 1.4, with brand new mainui_cpp and various fixes to client and even some special additions too. ;)

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