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Waf build system with additional experimental tools by FWGS
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Waifu Build System

Build Status

This is a Waf build system with experimental tools developed for FWGS projects.

This repo is focused on developing our own tools, testing them, syncing with upstream and maybe sending back patches to original Waf in future.


We add some additional tools from original Waf extras and prelude to load waifulib is added.

To build use shell script

Running tests

$ sh

If it succeded, then tests are not failed.

Using in your project creates two waf binaries.

  1. waf-ext as a prebuilt waf binary with stable tools.
  2. waf-noext as a prebuilt vanilla waf binary, only with waifulib preloader.

They published to GitHub Releases as well.

You may need to create scripts/waifulib folder where you will place waf binary. Depending on your needs, copy modules from our scripts/waifulib folder to yours.

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