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@a1batross a1batross released this Apr 1, 2017 · 860 commits to master since this release


New big release of Xash3D FWGS.


  • Synchronized with Xash3D build 3366.


  • Emscripten & iOS support.
  • Network protocol extensions:
    • NET_EXT_HUFF(cl_enable_compress): Packet compression. Useless.
    • NET_EXT_SPLIT(cl_enable_split): Splitting packets larger than cl_maxpacket value. Enabled by default.
    • NET_EXT_HUFFSPLIT (cl_enable_splitcompress): Packet compression for splitted packets. Enabled by default.
  • Simple NAT bypass(enabled with sv_nat/cl_nat). A chance to make a public server.
  • Multiplayer client identification, input devices and version reporting
    • To toggle mouse navigate to Configuration->Touch->Touch options and click to Ignore mouse.
    • To toggle touch navigate to Configuration->Touch->Touch options and click to Enable.
    • To toggle gamepad navigate to Configuration->Gamepad and click to Enable gamepad.
    • To allow or disallow some type of input device, you can toggle sv_allow_mouse, sv_allow_touch, sv_allow_joystick, sv_allow_vr and sv_allow_noinputdevices to disallow clients with undefined input devices(old engine, for example).
  • Compile-time backend system, which lets porting to different platforms easier.
  • Mobility API extensions:
    • pfnGetNativeObject gives you a "native" object of current platform. For example, "JNIEnv" on Android.
    • pfnSetCustomClientID for setting custom client ID in user-agent.
  • Two overbright modes are implemented. Toggle with gl_overbright <0/1/2> cvar.
  • Scripted Sequences implementation(used only by Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes).
  • mp3 command implementation
  • Optimized command/cvar/command alias searching.
  • net_graph implementation
  • s_lerping cvar toggles sound interpolation formulas. 1 for standart linear interpolation, 2 for cubic interpolation.
  • sv_forcesimulating cvar to force world "live" even if server have no players(thanks, @the-swank).
  • con_fontscale for console font scailing.
  • Transparent items in menu, like scroll lists.
  • Server error messages in messageboxes.
  • CP1251 support. (Place CP1251 fonts.wad to your game directory)
  • Blood Stream is re-implemented again to match GoldSrc.
  • localinfo support(for AMXModX, thanks @the-swank).
  • RCon Redirect support. ("redirect N" command, where N is number of next sended lines)
  • Enabled sound resample support in SDL backend.
  • Added help by -help command line argument.
  • Added "maps" command implementation. (thanks, @fuzun)
  • Android: proper mouse support through NVidia SHIELD mouse extension. .
  • Android: Write test on engine start. If write test has failed, app asks user about different game data location.
  • Android: Google Play Games support. Not used yet ;)
  • Android: Xash3D FWGS is now runs as a Service. To run background server, you need to enable android_sleep (Multiplayer/Customize/Adv. Controls/Pause in background(android)).
  • Windows: Properly working m_ignore.


  • Client-side player interpolation.
  • Server PMove respects client's prediction settings and does not sends extra sound.
  • Workaround for Stupid GLES Bug.
  • Safe config writing.
  • Transparency and color in studio model renderer.
  • FFADE_LONGFADE flag support in ScreenFade engine message.
  • Unicode's way to work changes. HUD text are interpreted as UTF-8 only if hud_utf8 is set to 1. This fixes some russificators.
  • Fixed server crash on player disconnect(pvPrivateData == NULL).
  • Fix connect to servers with different delta.lst.
  • Fix connecting to servers with different messages lists.
  • Fixed starting server with +map arg.
  • Fix wav loading.
  • Fix crash when cannot open log file.
  • Do not unload server library (fix metamod and some bots crash).
  • "status" command formatting (thanks, @FreeSlave)
  • Linux: workaround for proper fullscreen(with video mode changing).
  • Linux: touch support.
  • FreeBSD & OSX: fixed http downloader
  • Linux & OSX: Autodetect gamedll_linux and gamedll_osx name
  • Windows: touch controls with unsupported client dlls(without unified input extensions).
  • Android: evdev(root only) mouse support improvements.

This is a probably last major release with current protocol. Newer versions will be using another, non-compatible protocol.

Arch Linux, Debian and Ubuntu packages avialable at OBS: Xash3D FWGS and Xash Dedicated Server

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