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Code repository for Micromouse competition
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Code repository for Micromouse competition. Competition rules.

Team Members

Algorithm Optimization and Electrical Designer: Alexander Nhan

Algorithm and Simulation Development: Frederick Wachter

Mechanical Designer: Harrison Katz

Project Components

Part 1

Create a simulation in MATLAB to get a better understanding of how to best develop a mapping algorithm that is able to allow the robot to map the entire maze, keep track of all relevant information, and do this with minimal memory and movements.

Part 2

Translate the algorithm into C++ and perform relevant testing.

Part 3 - (Current state of project as of 1/8/2017)

Developing the mechanical and electrical design of the micromouse robot.

Part 4

Buying components, full/sub system integration, and full/sub system testing.

MATLAB Mapping Phase Simulation Video

Mapping Phase Simulation

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