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Just a small little chatbot.

All things connection related is in tlkio-client if you want a little bit more have a look at GitHub's hubot in combination with my hubot-tlkio adapter.

Live Demo

tlk.io channel: tlkiobot

Getting started

  1. Fork this repo
  2. npm install
  3. node index.js %channel%

For configuration see the config.json

Writing plugins

Command plugins

module.exports  = {

  description : 'Say Hi', // Just a short description
  usage       : 'hi',     // How to use this plugin
  activate    : false,     // If plugin should be activated or not alway true if ommited

  register : function(client, plugins){

    // Register a command
    client.registerCommand('hi', function(message){
      // Reply
      client.say('@'+message.fromUser.name+' Hi');



Save this as eg. hi.js in the plugins folder. Restart

Special plugins

If you omit the declartion of decription and usage your plugin will be tagged as command = false. This is usefull if you don't need to registerCommand() and just want to listen to 'user_joined' etc. (See SayHelloOnJoined.js or SayHiToAll.js)


The register method of each plugin will be called passing a client object and a array of plugins contaning all loaded plugins.

The client object

The client object is used to communicate with tlk.io and register for commands



Will send a Message with the content 'String'

client.registerCommand(''|[], function(message){})

This function will take either a string or an array of strings as the first argument and a callback as second. If a user writes @%nameOfTheBot% %command% it will trigger the registered command callback for the used %command%.

the callback will be called with a message object which looks like this:

  id   : 'messgaeid',
  text : 'Pure Text',
  html : '<b>Pure</b> Text',

  // User that wrote this
  fromUser : {
    id  : 'ID',
    name : 'NameOfUser',
    details : {
      twitter  : true|false,
      avatar   : 'url of avatar'

  commands : ['array', 'of', 'all', 'commands'] // All lowercase

client.on('user_joined' | 'user_left' | 'online_participants', function(data))

Register special events.

user_joined will call the callback function with a user object like this:

  id    : 'userid',
  name  : 'NameOfUser',
  details : {
    twitter  : true|false,
    avatar   : 'url of avatar'

user_left will only contain the token like this:

  id    : 'userid'

'online_participants' will call the callback function with an array of registered users and the count of guests. This event will only fire once after the bot joined.

  id    : 'userid',
  name  : 'NameOfUser',
  details : {
    twitter  : true|false,
    avatar   : 'url of avatar'
}, ...]

See SayHellOnJoined.js and SayHiToAll.js in plugins