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Profession Framework mod for Project Zomboid
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Profession Framework Mod for Project Zomboid

by Fenris_Wolf

Adds a framework to simply adding additional professions and traits to project zomboid, 
and editing the default professions. As well as simplifying the modding process and letting 
professions have the 'special' traits (brave, lucky, etc), it also  simplifies the processes 
of adding starting gear to various professions/traits.

Be aware this mod adds no new professions or traits itself, it is merely a framework.
For maximum compatibility, this mod should not included in your own mod, but instead listed as
a requirement.

See the documentation in media/shared/2ProfessionFramework.lua for full usage, and the files in 
the for examples.

All 'Special' traits that have hardcoded features can be used as profession traits. These include:

profession version name (real trait name)
Brave2 (Brave)
Cowardly2 (Cowardly)
Clumsy2 (Clumsy)
Graceful2 (Graceful)
ShortSighted2 (ShortSighted)
EagleEyed2 (EagleEyed)
HardOfHearing2 (HardOfHearing)
Deaf2 (Deaf)
KeenHearing2 (KeenHearing)
HeartyAppitite2 (HeartyAppitite)
LightEater2 (LightEater)
ThickSkinned2 (ThickSkinned)
Thinskinned2  (Thinskinned)
Resilient2 (Resilient)
ProneToIllness2 (ProneToIllness)
Lucky2 (Lucky)
Unlucky2 (Unlucky)
Dextrous2 (Dextrous)
AllThumbs2 (AllThumbs)
FastHealer2 (FastHealer)
SlowHealer2 (SlowHealer)
FastLearner2 (FastLearner)
SlowLearner2 (SlowLearner)
FastReader2 (FastReader)
SlowReader2 (SlowReader)
Illiterate2 (Illiterate)
NeedsLessSleep2 (NeedsLessSleep)
NeedsMoreSleep2 (NeedsMoreSleep)
Inconspicuous2 (Inconspicuous)
Conspicuous2 (Conspicuous)
Organized2 (Organized)
Disorganized2 (Disorganized)
LowThirst2 (LowThirst)
HighThirst2 (HighThirst)
WeakStomach2 (WeakStomach)
IronGut2 (IronGut)
Outdoorsman2 (Outdoorsman)
AdrenalineJunkie2 (AdrenalineJunkie)
NightVision2 (NightVision)
Hypercondriac2 (Hypercondriac)
Agoraphobic2 (Agoraphobic)
Claustophobic2 (Claustophobic)
Hemophobic2 (Hemophobic)
Insomniac2 (Insomniac)
Pacifist2 (Pacifist)
Smoker2 (Smoker)
Asthmatic2 (Asthmatic)
Handy2 (Handy)
Jogger2 (Jogger)
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