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CLI tool for managing workspaces and functions hosted at FaaStRuby.

What is FaaStRuby?

FaaStRuby is a serverless platform built for Ruby developers.

Try it

  1. Install the gem:
~$ gem install faastruby
  1. Create a function and deploy it to a workspace:
~$ faastruby new hello-world
~$ cd hello-world
~/hello-world$ faastruby deploy-to awesome-prod
◐ Running tests... Passed!

Finished in 0.00563 seconds (files took 0.15076 seconds to load)
3 examples, 0 failures

◐ Building package... Done!
◐ Deploying to workspace 'awesome-prod'... Done!
  1. Run it:
~/hello-world$ curl
Hello, World!

Build lots of functions and share them with fellow Ruby devs!

FaaStRuby + Hyperstack = fullstack Ruby apps!

Do you think JavaScript is your only option for the front-end? Think again. Hyperstack is a Ruby DSL, compiled by Opal, bundled by Webpack, powered by React.