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A LED-Lamp in Burger/PUCK Design
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A LED-Lamp in Burger/PUCK Design.

You need:

  • one WeMos D1 Mini
  • one microswitch 6x6x13mm
  • a piece of twelve LEDs from a SK6812 (RGBNW) LED strip with 60 LEDs/m
  • one powerplug
  • one powesupply with at least 5v 1amp
  • a kit of our lamp body

Now you have to solder it like in schematics: SCHEMATICS

Now Install the Software:

Download Repo from

Replace the definitions.h in McLighting/Arduino with those of this repo.

Replace the data directory in McLighting/Arduino with those of this repo.

Load it into Arduino IDE and install all libraries referenced in

Apply settings as shown:


Upload sketch to WeMos.

Connect to the AP of the lamp.

Select your wlan and connect to it.

Open http://[ip_of_lamp]/upload in your browser.

Upload all files within the data folder.

If you assembled it all correctly it should look like this:


and work like this:


and this:


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