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Installation PRTG-Monitor-Server:

  • Place the Starface.bat and the PRTGClient.jar inside of the "Custom Sensors\EXEXML" (Defaulf path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\PRTG Network Monitor\Custom Sensors\EXEXML")

  • Requires Java to work

The parameters for the .bat are as follows: %host [PORT] [PASSWORT] [SENSORNAME] [TRUSTALLCA] [DEBUG]

  • %host ==> Is a Param of the prtg-monitor. It's the IP/DNS entry of the host, of this sensor.
  • PORT ==> The listener port on the starface pbx
  • SENSORNAME ==> The name of the Sensor given in the Module-Add On, and Sensor Configuration on the PRTG-Monitor Server. You can merge multiple Add-Ons/Channels into one Sensor by using the same Sensorname.
  • TRUSTALLCA ==> a Boolean to Trust all CA's, is required if the pbx doesn't have a valid certificate
  • DEBUG ==> a Boolean, which will output everything in the console. WARNING THIS WILL CAUSE A MALFORMED XML EXCEPTION IN THE PRTG MONITOR! DEBUG USE ONLY

Installation Starface:

  • Import the Module trough the Admin GUI ==> Module ==> Module library ==> Import module

  • Configure the port, and the password for the client access, and the refresh timer

  • Open the given port via ssh, or direct access:

  • iptables -I INPUT 3 -p tcp -m tcp --dport [PORT] -j ACCEPT

  • service iptables save

  • Install Add-On Modules, or create your own. (For examples see:

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