An Angular2 / ASP.NET Core Starter Template with small Gulp-Tasks
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Angular 2 ASP.NET CORE WebAPI Starter Template

This is a starter template for developing Angular2 with ASP.NET Core WebAPI Applications.

This template is done with npm. Its an Angular2 application with an http-service getting values from an ASP.NET CORE WebAPI.


Angular 2 and ASP.NET Core Starter


Start by typing

npm install

at the level of the "package.json" file

Option 1

Now you can just press "play" inside Visual Studio to get started.

If you change the *.ts-files you need to run the tsc command manually.

Option 2

npm start will run the gulp task for you, starting the lite-server, the dotnet server and the tsc-watcher.

See this nice link which the Angular team did by working with Visual Studio and Angular 2 Visual Studio 2015 QuickStart

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