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🚀 An ASP.NET Core WebAPI Demo with an Angular Client using Ngrx store and effects and Signalr
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ASP.NET Core WebAPI with SignalR & Angular Demo with NgRx store & NgRx effects, Component based design (Cross Platform)

Twitter: FabianGosebrink

This repository offers you a demo application implemented with the AngularCLI and an endpoint using ASP.NET Core WebAPI.

The application comes with lazy loading, forms, custom validation, routing, NgRx store, NgRx effects, facade pattern etc.

Server and Client are completely seperated that you can exchange the endpoint easily.

Check the corresponding package.json for the npm commands to start the repository



You can see an Angular Demo with all the techniques combined here (running on Azure)




👤 Fabian Gosebrink


Angular Client

This client is implemented with Angular. You can start the application by running

npm install


npm start

the application starts and runs in your default browser.

Build Web

use the npm run build-web command and see the .dist/web folder.

Build Mobile

use the npm run build-mobile command and see the .dist/mobile folder.

Build Desktop

use the npm run build-desktop command and see the .dist/desktop folder.

Build Web, Desktop and Mobile

npm run build-all

for building Web, Desktop (Windows and Linux) and Apps for Android in the .dist folder.

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