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A (very) simple stats plugin for the Kirby CMS
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What is kirby-stats

kirby-stats is a minimalistic visitor statistics tool: It logs either each hit or one hit per session and page and shows a little widget in the panel. Per default every hit is logged, see settings for how you can change that.




Download the files and put them in the respective subfolders of site and assets. If any of the folders don't exist, create them.


Warning: This plugin will store its information in a page called kirbystats. If this page exists, it will be corrupted with other data! If it doesn't exist, do not worry, the plugin will create the page itself.


Currently kirby-stats stores the logs on a per-language basis, if you're using a multi language setup. Depending on your panel language the corresponding logs will be loaded. A combined view is in the works...


Some details can be specified in the config file. Use c::set('option', 'parameters') in your config.php to use any of them.

Option Values
stats.roles.ignore A single role (e.g. 'admin') or an array of roles (array('admin', 'editor')) for which no data will be recorded. Default is "".
stats.days kirby-stats keeps a log of the total page views per day for the last $day days. Default is 5.
stats.links Whether to link to link to the respective page from the list of most frequently visited pages or not. Default is true.
stats.session Whether to store each hit (false) or one hit per session and page (true). Default is false. Any valid PHP date format string. Will be used in the panel widget to display the recorded per-day values. Default is d.m.y.
stats.format Output format for the list in the widget. Options are percentage, absolute and both. Default is percentage.


Author: Fabian Sperrle

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