A script for Amarok to submit songs to lastfm/libre.fm via lastfmsubmitd
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Name: Amarok2LibreFM
Version: 0.2
Target: Amarok 2.0+ 
Date:	February 7, 2010
Author:	Ed Daniel (esdaniel) based on amarokNotify script by Anthony Mok
E-mail:	ubuntu@esdaniel.org
Dependencies: lastfmsubmitd

"a bunch of this was hacked together from observing other scripts
like the encoding-fixer, PidginStatus, and wlmnow", amaroKnotify 
and the earlier Amarok 1.4 LibreFM plugin

To install:

This script depends on 'lastfmsubmitd' which can be found in Ubuntu repos and installed using:

  sudo apt-get install lastfmsubmitd

Edit the config of /etc/lastfmsubmitd.conf and add your LibreFM account details as follows:

  password = your_librefm_password
  user = your_librefm_userid

  url = http://turtle.libre.fm/

Then install the script via the Amarok script manager.

If you want/need to disable the script you can do so from Amarok's settings menu instead of via the script manager dialogue.
That's it!  Enjoy :-)