A plugin for Osmosis generating a JavaScript files with the coordinates, useful for creating heatmaps for Openstreepmaps.
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A plugin for Osmosis generating a JavaScript files with the coordinates, useful for creating heatmaps (Osmosis is a tool for processing OpenStreetmap data in a configurable pipeline). Example of usage: display in a web page a heatmap of the items with 'addr:housenumber'.

The sources of the plugin itself is offered under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3, or (at your option) any later version (like the source-code of Osmosis itself).

The directory "misc" contains a sample webpage displaying the generated data as a heatmap. Please note:

  • That this page uses the tiles of the OpenStreetmap servers, which have a usage policy you should read first. Basically, accessing it as an average individual is permitted (at the time of writing).

  • The page uses the JavaScript libraries Leaflet and Leaflet.heat which are under their own licenses.



In your Osmosis installation, create a subdirectory "plugins" and copy "OsmosisHeatmap.jar" there. According to the source code, as an alternative you can also copy it either:

  • in a subdirectory "plugins" of the current directory
  • or in a directory ".openstreetmap/osmosis/plugins" of your user directory
  • or in a directory openstreetmap/osmosis/plugins under your "AppData" directory (Windows)


This plugin provides the task time "heatmapmerge" which takes as input a single input pipe. This task takes as parameter:

  • (unnamed parameter) The type of action (required).
  • "node": Put in the output file the coordinates of all the nodes (the other elements are ignored).
  • "way": For each way, put in the output file the average coordinates of its nodes (the coordinates of the nodes themselves are not written).
  • (named parameter) "output": the filename of the JavaScript to be generated (can contain a path).

Sample bash script:


cd /path/to/osmosis-latest

./bin/osmosis \
--read-pbf file=/mnt/p2p/osm/some_dump.osm.pbf outPipe.0=1 \
--bounding-box left=23.1548462 right=23.3690796 top=51.7740687 bottom=51.6271294 inPipe.0=1 outPipe.0=2 \
--tee 2 inPipe.0=2 outPipe.0=3 outPipe.1=4 \
--node-key keyList=addr:housenumber inPipe.0=3 outPipe.0=8 \
--heatmapmerge node output="$OUTPUT" inPipe.0=8 \
--tag-filter accept-ways addr:housenumber=* inPipe.0=4 outPipe.0=6 \
--tag-filter reject-relations inPipe.0=6 outPipe.0=7 \
--used-node inPipe.0=7 outPipe.0=9 \
--tag-filter reject-relations inPipe.0=9 outPipe.0=10 \
--heatmapmerge way output="$OUTPUT" inPipe.0=10

The script above will output the coordinates of the elements having a "addr:housenumber". It takes a dump file ('read-pbf'), only keeps a region of it ('bounding-box'), then splits it into two flows ('tee'):

  • one that keeps only the nodes with "addr:housenumber" ('node-key'), then sends the remaining to a "heatmapmerge"
  • anothes that removes the nodes without "addr:housenumber" (first 'tag-filter'), removes the relations (2nd 'tag-filter'), keep only the nodes belonging to a way ('used-node') and finally sends the nodes and ways to a "heatmapmerge".

Put "heatmap_data.js" in the folder "misc" and open "heatmap_test.html".

The folder "misc" contains "heatmap.sh", a configurable version of this bash script.

Example in Paris

Build instructions

This is a Maven project. Hopefully it will compile without any specific configuration.