Pass time-lapse images through socketIO from Raspberry Pi Zero into browser.
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To capture time-lapse pictures as pre-commits, this script helps you stream pictures taken by Raspberry Pi Zero (W) and camera module through socketIO to your own browser, hosted by FabDoc-console.


  • Write help text and parse parameters
  • Generate MD5 for user and password
  • Handle images for scale down and encode to base64
  • Connect with remote server
  • Detect file changes and pass the images to server
  • Login into your account by scanning QR code token on your browser
  • Solve reconnection issue  - Get index list of preview images which have been sent to server
  • Support IMU input to control and capture videos or GIFs by head motion


sudo apt-get install python-dev python-opencv
sudo apt-get install --fix-missing libzbar0 libzbar-dev
sudo pip install -U socketIO-client
sudo pip install picamera PyDispatcher pyyaml watchdog zbarlight scipy


python -H [IP_ADDRESS] -p [PORT|default:80] -s [IMAGE_PATH] -t [TOKEN]


Without QR code token
python -s ./test/ -t e25339f8697bd2c3574931c93ecbb721
python -H -p 5000 -s ./test/ -t e25339f8697bd2c3574931c93ecbb721
With QR code token
python -H -p 5000 -s ./test/