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All of these scripts require the environment variables FABRIC_API_LOGIN and
FABRIC_API_PASSWORD to be set to the API user's login and password API
credentials, respectively.

To check whether you have these variables set correctly set, type:


If these commands yield the correct credentials everything is set to go.
If they are blank or incorrect, to set them to the correct values type:

export FABRIC_API_LOGIN=<your api login string>
export FABRIC_API_LOGIN=<your api password string>

Any csv files used by these scripts should have linefeeds (\n) instead of
carriage return (\r) at the end of each row. \r is incompatible with unix
CSV format but is still generated by some versions of  Mac OS Excel's 
export action. If you encounter issues with your csv files, simply open 
the file in notepad or a similar text editing program and replace the line
endings with newlines using the enter/return key. 
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