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Welcome to Fabric Labs! Fabric General Chat

Here you'll find the repository homepages for our in-house projects. You can submit a pull request, report issues, and discuss new features for each of our open source initiatives.

We're always looking for new contributors, and even operate a mentorship program for aspiring developers. Stop by any time and share what you'd like to build!

What is Fabric Labs?

We're the people behind a number of decentralized projects built around the Fabric Protocol. We primarily maintain @fabric/core and a few other surrounding libraries, like @fabric/http and @fabric/react.

Projects of Interest

For a beginner's guide to Fabric, see


  1. fabric fabric Public

    Fabric is an experimental protocol for exchanging information.

    JavaScript 57 27

  2. whitepaper whitepaper Public

    Official repository for the Fabric whitepaper.

    2 1

  3. soundtrack soundtrack Public

    Self-hosted collaborative music playing application.

    JavaScript 124 52

  4. community community Public

    general community repository for Fabric


  5. decentralize decentralize Public

    media platform and content distribution

    HTML 5 8

  6. workspace workspace Public

    To get started with Fabric, clone this repo and you'll have a full directory containing all relevant repositories.

    JavaScript 3 4


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