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collaborative music streaming over a peer-to-peer network

Build Status Coverage Status GitHub contributors Community is a collaborative online radio, almost like a jukebox for the Internet.

Vote on what plays next, like Reddit for music.

The "Queue" shows all requested tracks, ordered by oldest first. Upvote or downvote a track to add your vote, pushing it to the top or the bottom as per your preference.

Reliable Streams

Soundtrack aggregates streams from sources like YouTube and SoundCloud, so when a song is queued, it has multiple locations to play from if any one source fails for any particular reason.

Earn Bitcoin

Help others with reliability by hosting streams, earning Bitcoin in exchange for your node's work. Deposit and withdraw using normal Bitcoin addresses, compatible with all major wallets.

Quick Start

  1. npm install -g FabricLabs/soundtrack
  2. soundtrack


Supply environment variables FABRIC_PORT and/or FABRIC_SEED for Fabric peer-to-peer communication and persistent storage, respectively.

Earning Bitcoin

Income can only be generated for online nodes, through an opt-in program.

To enable earning, be sure to provide FABRIC_SEED with a mnemonic and use:

$ soundtrack --earn

Be sure to back up your keys — we are not responsble for any losses!


TODO: npm run make:api


Fork. Commit. Pull request.