@FabrizioBrancati FabrizioBrancati released this Jul 21, 2015 · 150 commits to master since this release

Assets 2



  • Added UINavigationBar category
  • Added UIToolbar & UIBarButtonItem categories
  • Added BFDataStructures class with primitive data structures
  • Added new substring and indexOf methods in NSString category
  • Added fallbackTitle parameter in showTouchIDAuthenticationWithReason method in BFTouchID class
  • Added touch on screen with BFShowTouchOnScreen and BFHideTouchOnScreen macros
  • Added support for iPod Touch 6G


  • Now to create dummy images you have to explicitly call dummyImageNamed: method in UIImage
  • Changed all id to instancetype in instance creation
  • Removed UIScreen methods from UIDevice category and created UIScreen category


  • Changed SCREEN_WIDTH & SCREEN_HEIGHT macros and fixed #13

Thanks to @jiongge for this release