A Telegram bot for monitor the trains on the Italian territory
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TrenoBot For Telegram

A bot for Telegram to monitor trains on Italian territory

The idea

The development started in 2016, as a personal project. The success of the project, however, requires a complete redesign to support the large amount of users and data to be managed. For this occasion I decided to completely rewrite the bot and make it public on ghithub.

Why is born

In the information age, more and more applications provide us daily information to live in a simpler way. Traffic, news, reminder, applications, digital notice-board... However, many of these are based on broadcast messages, not personalized and not related to the information we are interested in. This is the main reason for which, in 2016, I developed this Telegram Bot for my needs. Over time I discovered that my needs were not only mine, but of all Italian commuters: so, I started making the bot accessible to everyone on Telegram.

What trenobot can do

  • Trenobot can provide real-time information for any Italian train (excluding Italo) of any category: from regional to high-speed trains.
  • You can set your trains, to stay updated daily and automatically before and during the run of your train. Receive message for strikes, faults or alerts (including weather) on your route.
  • Find out when your train will be canceled long before station announcements.
  • Search for a train by entering your departure, destination and time: add it to your list, view the price or view the real time information.
  • View your statistics, accumulated minutes of delay and the reliability of a route based on the delay statistics.

Single train real time information:

  • train status (regular, canceled, modified)
  • train delay (minute by minute)
  • intermediate stations and arrival tracks
  • last station where the train was detected
  • time of the last position contact of the train
  • weather in the arrival station

Accuracy of TrainBot updates: - / + 1 minute. Accuracy of official channels or announcements at the station: - / + 5 minutes.