A simple CMS built up on CodeIgniter Framework
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This is my first attempt in making a simple CMS with Codeigniter Framework.
There are many planned features, obviously for now it’s not advised to use this in a production enviroment,
as this has been made only by learning and testing purposes.

Install instructions

1- Grab and put “fabryz_cms” on your server
2- Open the file “fabryz_cms.sql” located on the root directory, run the sql on your preferred database
3- Open the file “system/application/config/config.php” and edit “base_url” with the URL of your site
4- Open the file “system/application/config/database.php” and edit with your db parameters, as hostname, db name, db username and password
5- Reach the address specified on step 3 to access the frontend of the site, add “admin” at the end of the URL to access the backend of the application
Example: http://www.yoursite.com/fabryz_cms/admin

You’ll see there is some demo stuff preloaded about CompanyXYZ, some categories, articles and fake pages.
Also three users with different privileges:

*Admin – “Admin” permissions
*Mariorossi – “Editor” permissions
*Carlobianchi – “Writer” permissions

For semplicity every user has “Password” set as password.


FabryzCMS has been developed by Fabrizio Codello.