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A simple Minecraft modpack focusing on performance and graphics enhancements.


Installation Guide CurseForge Modrinth

By downloading Fabulously Optimized, you have acknowledged the disclaimers.

We recommend and support five launchers, all of which can be used offline on 🪟 Windows, 🐧 Linux and 🍏 macOS.

See this table for a comparison between the launchers:

Launcher Tutorial Install Upgrade Add mods Support us and mods
CurseForge App 🔗 Open ✅ Easy ✅ Easy ✅ Easy ✅ Yes
Modrinth App 🔗 Open ✅ Easy ✅ Easy ✅ Easy ✅ Yes
Prism Launcher 🔗 Open ✅ Easy ✅ Easy ✅ Easy ⏺️[2]
MultiMC 🔗 Open ✅ Easy ❌ Manual ❌ Manual ⏺️[2]
MultiMC (auto-update) 🔗 Open ✅ Easy ⏺️[1] ❌ Manual ⏺️[2]
Minecraft Launcher (vanilla) 🔗 Open ❌ Manual ❌ Manual ❌ Manual ⏺️[2]


[1]: Updates to the modpack within the same Minecraft version are automatic. The modpack cannot be updated automatically across Minecraft versions.

[2]: These launchers support the modpack and its mods by increasing their download count, but not with monetary benefits.

Download Resource Packs separately

FO includes some resource packs for a better experience, but they can also be downloaded separately.

Resource Pack CurseForge Modrinth Planet Minecraft
Chat Reporting Helper CurseForge Modrinth Planet Minecraft
Fast Better Grass CurseForge Modrinth Planet Minecraft


Special thanks to:

  • jellysquid3 for creating Sodium, Lithium, Phosphor which were the initial inspiration for creating the modpack
  • LambdAurora for creating the list of OptiFine alternatives which the pack does get some mod ideas from, and LambDynamicLights
  • comp500 for creating Jumploader - a mod that made the modpack possible in Minecraft 1.16.x, Indium - mod that provided the rendering API for Sodium for increased mod compatibility and packwiz - a tool that makes the MultiMC auto-update happen
  • Mod devs who have joined the Discord and are discussing the modpack's development there
  • All developers who made the mods that are, have been and will be in the modpack
  • Everyone who uses, tests and shares the modpack!