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Fabulously Optimized

A Fabric-based Minecraft modpack focusing on performance and graphics enhancements.

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Download from CurseForge Modrinth How to install

By downloading Fabulously Optimized, you have acknowledged the disclaimers.

We encourage using CurseForge App, Modrinth App, Prism Launcher, MultiMC, or official Minecraft Launcher.

Not sure which edition is right for you? Check this handy table!

Feature/Edition CurseForge App Modrinth App Prism Launcher MultiMC MultiMC (auto-update) Minecraft Launcher (vanilla - manual install)
Installation tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial
Easy install
Easy pack upgrade
Easy pack upgrade for newer MC
Add mods with few clicks
Supports the modpack and mods ●¹ ●¹ ●¹ ●¹
Can be used offline
Windows, macOS, Linux support
Unique feature 1-click install from site Import from other launchers Steam Deck support Nostalgic UI Always up to date Familiarity

¹ Supports the modpack by increasing its download count, but not with monetary benefits.

Alternative downloads

These downloads may not fully support the modpack or the mods :(