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This script collects statistics about userscripts usage in Russian Wikipedia and
publishes it at [[Участник:NapalmBot/Самые используемые скрипты]]. Script can
detect only importScript functions and do not count cross-wiki script imports.
import re
from collections import Counter
import pywikibot
def ucfirst(string):
"""Return string with first letter in upper case."""
if len(string) < 2:
return string.upper()
return string[:1].upper() + string[1:]
def unificate_link(link):
"""Remove "user:" prefix, deal with trailing spaces and underscores."""
(pagename, prefix) = re.subn(r"^ *(?:[Уу]|[Уу]частник|[Уу]частница|[Uu]|[Uu]ser) *:", "", link)
if not prefix:
return None
return ucfirst(re.sub(" ", "_", pagename).strip("_"))
def process_page(page):
"""Analyze all importScript functions and return a list of used scripts."""
title = r"^[^/]+/(common|vector|cologneblue|minerva|modern|monobook|timeless)\.js$"
comments = r"//.+|/\*(?:.|\n)*?\*/"
scripts = r"importScript *\( *([\"'])([^\"'\n]*?)\1(?: *, *[\"']ru[\"'])? *\)"
if not re.match(title, page.title()):
return []
text = page.text
text = re.sub(comments, "", text)
result = []
for quote, link in re.findall(scripts, text):
link = unificate_link(link)
if link:
return result
def get_stats(site):
"""Get an { script : count } dictionary."""
result = []
for page in"insource:\"importScript\"", [2], content=True):
result += process_page(page)
return dict(Counter(result))
def main():
"""Main script function."""
site = pywikibot.Site()
stats = get_stats(site)
result = "Последнее обновление: {{subst:#time:j xg Y, H:i}}\n\n"
result += "{| class=\"wikitable sortable\"\n"
result += "! Место !! Скрипт !! Использований\n"
formatstr = "|-\n| {num} || [[Участник:{page}]] || [{page}%22&ns2=1 {count}]\n"
for num, page in enumerate(sorted(sorted(stats), key=stats.get, reverse=True)):
count = stats[page]
result += formatstr.format(num=num + 1, page=page, count=count)
result += "|}\n\n"
result += "<noinclude>[[Категория:Википедия:Механизмы, обрабатываемые NapalmBot]]</noinclude>"
page = pywikibot.Page(site, "Участник:NapalmBot/Самые используемые скрипты")
page.text = result"Обновление данных.", minor=False)
if __name__ == "__main__":