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Garry's Mod issue tracker
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This is the Garry's Mod issue tracker. You can report bugs with the game here. This is not a place to ask for help.

Help and Support

This is not the place for help and support. You can ask for help from the community well as discuss game updates on the official Discord server (Please use appropriate channels - #developer-general for modding help and #help for everything else).

You can also contact Facepunch Support for technical support with the game (not modding help).

Security Exploits

If you've found a security exploit, please report it privately by emailing, or

Reporting Bugs

Please follow these guidelines when reporting a bug:

  • Please avoid adding [tags] to your titles
  • Please don't report bugs with addons - report them to the author.
  • If you're the author of an addon and think a change we made is causing your addon to fail - then please report it.
  • Please be thorough in your bug report. Tell us everything.
  • If you can recreate the bug give us step by step
  • Make sure the bug hasn't already been reported
  • Tell us which version of GMod you experience the bug on (the top right corner in the menu)
  • Do not post TTT bugs here. You can either fix the problem and pull request a fix to Garry's Mod GitHub Repo or report the bug to the author of the gamemode.

Reporting Crashes

  • Do not report a crash if you cannot provide any useful information about the crash. This includes:
  • Crash logs
  • Any way to reproduce the crash ( code or steps to do so )
  • Read more here:


You can contribute to the game's translations on the following website:

Feature Requests

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