Adobe Flash isn't loaded on Mac OS X #1347

samuelmaddock opened this Issue Jul 20, 2014 · 18 comments


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It has been known for a little over a year that the Adobe Flash plugin isn't loaded in Garry's Mod. This seems to affect a lot of users of the Cinema gamemode. I'm assuming that Awesomium is unable to find the plugin.

Updating the PluginsPath property of the Awesomium WebConfig object might be able to fix this issue, I'm not sure though.


Confirmed on Linux too


Confirmed on Linux too

It does actually work on Linux, but a plugin has to be downloaded and saved to a specific directory. See the instructions for Cinema.

rbreslow commented Aug 7, 2014

I believe you're right about the issue revolving around the path Awesomium is looking for Flash.


Would be nice if someone could search through the GMod source code and let us know what paths may be defined for Awesomium. Of course, updating Awesomium might just fix this for us. Maybe that's a bit optimistic though.

nexbr commented Aug 9, 2014

PlayX have the exact same problem, As HTML5 would be a good alternative if were enabled on Awesomium on Win/Mac/Linux.


I guess that the path is hardcoded, because I found no config-file to change it. Would it be possible to create a softlink that points to the actual location of Flash?

rbreslow commented Nov 8, 2014

The path is defined in Awesomium's WebConfig class. I tried disassembling the gmhtml binary to find a string reference to the plug-in path property but couldn't find any. I did see that an instance of the WebConfig class was created so it's likely that the plug-in path property isn't being defined when the class is being created.

My guess would be that we can't create a symbolic/soft link as it's not looking anywhere for it to begin with.



do you think you can solve the issue or is it something that can't be fixed?


It's something that can be fixed in a few minutes but the GMod dev team couldn't care less.


Oh ok that's one way to put it

On 21 Dec 2014, at 16:13, c1yd3i wrote:

It's something that can be fixed in a few minutes but the GMod dev team could care less honestly.

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Can you fix flash video issues on mac Please.


Please, fix this I don't know what the big problem is. If Linux can have it fixed was is Mac so complicated? This is still not fixed? This is ridiculous.

maissani commented Jul 1, 2015

The issue is providen by the fact that the application doesn't have the path to adobe flash set.
The only one way to fix it is that is to wait Garry's update for mac and prey that they care about flash issues.
This fix can be fixed realy fast as all i know of software developpment.


@willox any chance you could test this prior to shipping CEF with GMod?


This is normally an issue when playing cinema or loading any videos in GMod
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On 26 Jan 2016, at 09:28, Samuel Maddock <> wrote:

@willox any chance you could test this prior to shipping CEF with GMod?

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is it fixed yet?

Bo98 commented Nov 24, 2016


uRandomAlex commented Nov 27, 2016 edited

It will never be fixed, Awesomium will never be updated, any change related to Awesomium/gmod web-browser will be rejected, even if it's very simple.

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