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Community Test Net

Spinning up a factom node on the community testnet as well as monitoring tools. The docker image for factomd will enable Factom developers to have ssh access to docker container.

See Quickstart guide for instructions

Useful commands

Listing containers

docker ps
docker-compose ps

Viewing the stdout logs

Single container:

docker logs <container_name>
docker logs <container_name> -f

All containers:

docker-compose logs
docker-compose logs -f

Logging into a container

docker exec -it <container_name> bash

Stopping a single container

To gracefully shutdown a container (the application receives a SIGTERM signal):

docker stop <container_name>

To kill the container:

docker kill <container_name>

Getting IP addresses

Display all containers with all networks they belong to and their static / assigned IP addresses in a network:

docker inspect -f '{{.Name}} - {{range $name, $net := .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{$name}}:{{$net.IPAddress}} {{end}}' $(docker ps -aq)


Prometheus periodically gathers metrics from a all factomd instances. The built-in web UI is exposed to the local host using port 9090.

Note that Prometheus is pull-based, so it fetches metrics from factomd instances, not the other way around, so to add monitoring for your local nodes, you'll need to modify its configuration and rebuild the container.

The configuration for Prometheus is copied during the build from prometheus/config/prometheus.yml. Currently it pull metrics from all 3 instances and labels them using the instance name.

Known issues

  • If you are running this setup in a Docker for Mac or a Docker for Windows environment you might want to adjust the CPU and Memory settings (Preferences... -> Advanced), since the services started in this setup may require more than the defaults. It may also be useful to bump the default docker-compose HTTP timeout setting if you see some problems during startup, e.g.:
COMPOSE_HTTP_TIMEOUT=120 docker-compose up
  • The factomd instances sometimes exit after the first build, another docker-compose up command should bring start them correctly.

  • There is an issue when using the environment on Mac OS:

ERROR: for kibana  Cannot start service kibana: driver failed programming
external connectivity on endpoint kibana
(7e6b3eaddf72eb60f384edff6d5c0bbac759af0cf5c24cfaff646ec558815cd5): Timed out
proxy starting the userland proxy

Unfortunately this is an unresolved Docker for Mac issue for which there is no good solution (restarting does not help), you'll need to retry until it succeeds.