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The third iteration of Xander's Factorio overhaul.
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Xander's Mod 3

An extensive and mostly realistic overhaul of the base game

This mod adds the following

  • Resources

    • Coal Seam
    • Porphry Copper Deposit
    • Crude Oil
    • Evaporite Salt Formation
    • Igneous Sulfide Ore
    • Banded Iron Formation
    • Laterite Deposit
    • Magnetic Ore
    • Mass Sulfide Ore
    • Natural Gas
    • Phosphorite Deposit
    • Economic Sand Deposit
    • Skarn-Type Ore
    • Economic Stone Formation
    • Pegmatite-Type Ore
  • Materials and Parts (Partial list)

    • Borax, limestone, kaolin clay, quartz sand, fluorite, scheelite
    • Aluminum, nickel, tin, tungsten, solder, bronze, cast iron, alloy steel
    • Clay bricks, magnesia refractory, porcelain, glass, silicon carbide
    • Potash, saltpeter, cryolite
    • Raw and vulcanized rubber; phenolic resin - the first synthetic plastic
    • Hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, chlorine
    • Brine and distilled waters, nitric acid, hydrogen fluoride
    • Steel parts, standard and improved inductive coils
    • Circuits made from patterned boards, component sets, and solder
    • Steam and internal combustion engine units,
    • New crude science pack, new recipes for automation and chemical packs
  • Processes and Machines (Partial list)

    • Pyrolysis of wood and coal to make charcoal and coke
    • Fluxed metal smelting for higher yield
    • Bayer Process and Hall-Heroult Process aluminum production
    • Chamber process sulfuric acid production
    • Air distillation and Haber-Bosch Process ammonia
    • Chloralkali process for chlorine, hydrogen, sodium hydroxide
    • New ore processor, to wash ores into separate components
    • Overhauled furnace tiers for much greater versatility
    • New machine tool, to produce simple parts from stock material
    • Early burner versions of most machines
  • Technologies

    • Crude first steps: coal coke, glass, steel, firearms, ore washing, steam-driven machinery
    • Metal refining: nickel, tungsten, aluminum, silicon
    • Nonmetal chemistry: boron, carbon, nitrogen, fluorine, chlorine
    • Intermediates thoroughly integrated in tech tree: electricity, electronics 1 and 2, steel parts, induction motor
    • Coherent prerequisites to unlock better machines
  • Equipment and Combat

    • Crude transport belts for inexpensive early automation
    • Black powder for early firearms

This iteration of the mod also aims to correct several issues from the previous version (2.x) with several improvements, namely

  • Easier balancing for increased playability
  • Faster and more rewarding progression
  • Greater consistency in degree and detail of approximations
  • Original graphical models
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