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Extra rules for @StevenBlack 's hosts project

This is part of Steven Black's hosts

Directory Description and homepage
add.2o7Net 2o7 Network tracking.
add.Dead Dead websites. Against typos in URLs.
add.Risk Websites with risk content, malwares etc.
add.Spam Spam websites.
hpHosts Hosts file with almost 460 000 entries. hpHosts
hpHosts.partial Hosts were added to hpHosts AFTER the last full release. hpHosts Dangerous/risk content. 58 001 entries. Tracking websites. 45 825 entries.
SpotifyAds Ads sources in Spotify.
UncheckyAds Windows installers ads sources. Unchecky
If you want using huge hosts file with merged hpHosts you need to DISABLE and STOP Dnscache service before you replace hosts file in Windows Systems. You have been warned.

Open a Command Prompt with Administrator privileges and run once commands:

sc config "Dnscache" start= disabled
sc stop "Dnscache"