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Extra rules for Steven Black's hosts project

This is part of Steven Black's hosts

MIRROR - hosts file is hosted directly in hosts.extras repository and CUSTOMIZED if needed.

Directory Description License Homepage
add.2o7Net 2o7 Network tracking MIRROR GPLv3+ link
add.Dead Dead websites. Against typos in URLs MIRROR GPLv3+ link
add.Risk Websites with risk content, malwares etc. MIRROR GPLv3+ link
add.Spam Spam websites. MIRROR GPLv3+ link
anudeepND-blacklist-adservers Block ads, tracking and more. 42 000 entries. MIT link
anudeepND-blacklist-facebook Block facebook domain only. This file doesn't block other Facebook products such as WhatsApp, Instagram etc. 4 000 entries. MIT link
antipopads:re antipopads:reborn is highly inspired by Yhonay/antipopads. This antipopads:re has 27,306 domains in list. MIT link
blocklists-facebook Completely Block Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp CC0-1.0 link
CoinBlockerList Prevent cryptomining in the browser GPLv3+ link
GoodbyeAds Samsung Adblock Extension Blocks Samsung Ads, Tracking & Analytics MIT link
GoodbyeAds Spotify Adblock Extension Blocks Spotify Ads MIT link
GoodbyeAds Xiaomi Adblock Extension Blocks Xiaomi Ads, Tracking & Analytics MIT link
GoodbyeAds Youtube Adblock Extension Blocks Youtube Ads. MIT link
Lightswitch05-ads-tracking-extended 300 000 entries (~10 MB hosts file size). A programmatically expanded list of hosts used for advertisements and tracking. Apache 2.0 link Basic. Primarily blocks Ads, (Mobile) App Ads. Freeware link DigitalSide Threat-Intel malware domains list. MIT link Dangerous/risk content. 58 001 entries MIRROR CC BY-NC 3.0 link Tracking websites. 45 825 entries MIRROR CC BY-NC 3.0 link
UncheckyAds Windows installers ads sources MIRROR MIT link
What-Zit-Tooya-Ad-Block Supplementary filter to block Mobile Ads, Logs & Tracking. MIT link
WindowsSpyBlocker-EXTRA Hosts extra rules MIT link
WindowsSpyBlocker-SPY Hosts spy rules MIT link
WindowsSpyBlocker-UPDATE Hosts update rules MIT link
Whitelist files contents required domains for properly working some sites. See hosts.whitelists
If you will use large hosts file disable Dnscache service in Windows first! You have been warned. Use once disable-dnscache-service-win.cmd.