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Extra rules for @StevenBlack 's hosts project

This is part of Steven Black's hosts

MIRROR - hosts file is hosted directly in hosts.extras repository and CUSTOMIZED if needed.

Directory Description License Homepage
add.2o7Net 2o7 Network tracking MIRROR GPLv3+ link
add.Dead Dead websites. Against typos in URLs MIRROR GPLv3+ link
add.Risk Websites with risk content, malwares etc. MIRROR GPLv3+ link
add.Spam Spam websites. MIRROR GPLv3+ link
antipopads List of domains. WTFPLv2 link
blocklists-facebook s Completely Block Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp CC0-1.0 link
CoinBlockerList Prevent cryptomining in the browser GPLv3+ link
GoodbyeAds Samsung Adblock Extension Blocks Samsung Ads, Tracking & Analytics MIT link
GoodbyeAds Xiaomi Adblock Extension Blocks Xiaomi Ads, Tracking & Analytics MIT link
GoodbyeAds Youtube Adblock Extension Blocks Youtube Ads. MIT link DigitalSide Threat-Intel malware domains list. MIT link Dangerous/risk content. 58 001 entries MIRROR CC BY-NC 3.0 link Tracking websites. 45 825 entries MIRROR CC BY-NC 3.0 link
UncheckyAds Windows installers ads sources MIRROR MIT link
WindowsSpyBlocker-EXTRA Hosts extra rules MIT link
WindowsSpyBlocker-SPY Hosts spy rules MIT link
WindowsSpyBlocker-UPDATE Hosts update rules MIT link
Whitelist file contents required domains for properly working some sites.
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