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.NET API for RESTful api
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This library wraps v2 RESTful API in .NET Standard.


var client = new HaveIBeenPwnedRestClient();
var response = client.IsPasswordPwned("hunter2").Result;

This will return a bool value, depending on if the password is indeed pwned.

using SharpPwned.NET.Model;

var client = new HaveIBeenPwnedRestClient();
var response = client.GetAccountBreaches("").Result;
foreach(Breach x in response)

GetAccountBreaches will return a list Breach objects, each Breach represents a single breached site and holds values as Name, Domain, Account Count etc. For full list of values, visit API Documentation.

This project targets .NET Standard 1.4

Nuget Package:

PM> Install-Package SharpPwned.NET

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