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  1. FaithlifeUtility FaithlifeUtility Public

    Common .NET utility code in use at Faithlife

    C# 42 19

  2. styled-ui styled-ui Public

    Faithlife UI styleguide and set of components

    JavaScript 12 51

  3. wpf wpf Public

    Forked from dotnet/wpf

    WPF is a .NET Core UI framework for building Windows desktop applications.

    C# 14 3

  4. FaithlifeData FaithlifeData Public

    Helpers for querying ADO.NET-compatible databases.

    C# 6 4

  5. CodingGuidelines CodingGuidelines Public

    Faithlife's coding guidelines.

    PowerShell 11 12

  6. AndroidLint AndroidLint Public

    Android Lint checks to enforce Faithlife house rules

    Kotlin 2 2


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