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Roslyn-based C# code analyzers used on Faithlife source code.

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Analyzer Documentation | Release Notes

How to Use

Use PackageReference in your .csproj:

    <PackageReference Include="Faithlife.Analyzers" Version="1.2.0" PrivateAssets="All" IncludeAssets="runtime; build; native; contentfiles; analyzers" />

To disable a particular analzyer, add a line to your .editorconfig under [*.cs]. For example:

dotnet_diagnostic.FL0009.severity = none

How to Help

  • Improve the documentation on the wiki, especially by adding rationale for rules or instructions for how to choose between multiple fixes.
  • Suggest new analyzers by opening an issue. Please add the new analyzer label.
  • Vote for analyzers you would find particularly helpful by adding a 👍 reaction.
  • Implement a new analyzer from this list of the most popular.