Small PHP library to fetch data from in an easy fashion
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This is a small PHP library to make querying easy

It makes use of SimpleXML - so make sure that's installed if
you want to use this library (that should normally be the
case, so just something to check if you're having problems).

To use it, just include/require the geonames.php file - it
contains all needed classes (just three, currently), so
loading becomes easier with less overhead.

You'll normally want to either fetch data based on an id you
already have or search using a search term. Examples for both:

- searching using a term like 'New York'
// $results_array will contain geonameId => GeoNameObject pairs
$results_array = GeoNamesService::search('New York');

- fetching an object using an id
// $geoname is a GeoNameObject
$geoname = GeoNamesService::get(1234567);

GeoNamesObject comes with a couple of methods as well for
getting hierarchy data. These are:

- getParent()
This will fetch a hierarchy and return it's closest parent. The
data is cached, so subsequent calls incur little overhead. Note
that the GeoNamesObjects return from GeoNamesService::hierarchy
all have parents set.

- getChildren()
This will also fetch a hierarchy and return all it's children.
Again, data is cached, so only the first call will issue a
request to geonames. Also, all children that will be set will
have the parent set as well.