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This is a system to keep track of as much data as possible for a role-playing convention. It is based on the needs of one such convention (Fastaval in Denmark) but might have a use for a wider audience - hence it's opensource.


PHP 5.6

  • xml
  • mbstring

Mysql 5.5/5.7


There is a folder named docker in the root of the repo. Using this you can setup a dev environment fairly simple, you just need to run two docker commands and modify your hosts file. Enter the directory and run the following

docker build -t infosys . docker run --name infosys -v $(realpath $(pwd)/../):/var/www/infosys -v $(pwd)/infosys-fpm.conf:/etc/php/5.6/fpm/pool.d/infosys-fpm.conf -v $(pwd)/infosys-site.conf:/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/infosys-site.conf -v $(pwd)/config.ini:/var/www/infosys/include/config.ini -p -d infosys

If you're on windows, substitute $(realpath $(pwd)/../) for the full path to the repo, and $(pwd) with the full path to the docker folder. Also, if your port 8080 is already in use, you'll need to use a different port on the host.

Remember to add an entry to your hosts file to point infosys.local to

The dev setup comes complete with one admin user with the following credentials


If you have any questions, feedback or ideas, you can reach me on peter.e.lind(a)