Support argument matching in Throws (similar to ReturnsLazily and Invokes) #21

philippdolder opened this Issue Sep 10, 2012 · 3 comments


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It does doesn't it? Example?


It supports it basically, yes.
But I like it to have the same extensions as I did previously for the two mentioned features. Have overloads that support argument verification for up to 4 arguments for easier usage and comprehensive error messages.

        var fake = A.Fake<IInterface>();
        A.CallTo(() => fake.ActionOfFour(A<int>._, A<int>._, A<int>._, A<int>._))
            .Throws((string s, int i, int j, int l) => new MyException(s, i, j, l));

I already did the pull request. We just need to merge it.


Ahh, I see, I totally misunderstood! Great job, will you merge it or should I?

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