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Delip Rao
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Stance Detection dataset for FNC-1

For details of the task, see

The data provided is (headline, body, stance) instances, where stance is one of {unrelated, discuss, agree, disagree}. The dataset is provided as two CSVs:


This file contains the body text of articles (the articleBody column) with corresponding IDs (Body ID)


This file contains the labeled stances (the Stance column) for pairs of article headlines (Headline) and article bodies (Body ID, referring to entries in train_bodies.csv).

Distribution of the data

The distribution of Stance classes in train_stances.csv is as follows:

rows unrelated discuss agree disagree
49972 0.73131 0.17828 0.0736012 0.0168094


  • Edward Misback
  • Craig Pfeifer