PHP Fake data generator framework with multiple input and output formats.
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Fakerino is a fake data generator framework fully extensible.

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###Main features

  • Fake complex data (e.g. person: name, surname, hobby, country, ... ).
  • Fake single data (e.g. name, surname, integer, text, ...).
  • Fake data in different languages.
  • Fake regular expression data (e.g. url => '/www\.\w+\.com/').
  • Fake data multiple times.
  • Fake a database table row/s with one line of code.
  • Fake a Twig string or file automatically (e.g. Hello Mr {{ surname }})
  • Fake a PHP object/entity in one line of code (fills public properties and setters with fake data).
  • Support JSON, array and string output.
  • Support array, Yaml, XML, PHP, Txt and Ini configurations.
  • Fake from command line interface.

For more information about installation, features, support, contribution, or other, please read the Fakerino docs.


Use Composer to manage the dependencies of your project. ####In your project folder run:

composer require fakerino/fakerino='~0.8'
vendor/fakerino/fakerino/build/ods vendor/fakerino/fakerino/data

Like a stand-alone project run:

composer create-project fakerino/fakerino fakerino

Quick start

require ('vendor/autoload.php'); 
use Fakerino\Fakerino;

$fakerino = Fakerino::create();
echo $fakerino->fake('Surname')->toJson(); //["Donovan"]
echo $fakerino->fake('nameFemale'); //Alice
echo $fakerino->fake('/www\.\w+\.com/'); //
echo $fakerino->fake('nameMale')->num(3); //Bob Jack Rick
echo $fakerino->fake(array('nameMale', 'Surname'))->num(3)->toJson(); //[["Simon","Rodgers"],["Dean","Smith"],["Anthony","Bauman"]]

With a configuration you can combine fake data, or declare your customs.

$fakerino = Fakerino::create('./conf.php');
    [0] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [0] => Fake Rino <>
                    [1] => 01 Jan 2015 14:14:42
                    [2] => Hi gentle developer!
            [1] => Array
                    [0] => Anonym Dev <>
                    [1] => 01 Jan 2015 14:17:42
                    [2] => Hi Fakerino!

With Command line

app/fake -h //for help
app/fake namemale surname //Travis Baldwin
app/fake surname -j //["Brooks"]
app/fake nameMale -n 2 //Nick Andy
app/fake country -c path/config.ini //uses a config file
app/fake surname -l de-DE //Schleßinger
app/fake -s 'Hello Mrs {{namefemale}} {{surname}}' -l de-DE //Hello Mrs Seeliger Ceylin
app/fake -t tableName -c path/confix.xml -n 10 //Inserts 10 fake rows into tableName

Third parties