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An interactive way to peruse your git history from the terminal
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Simple and handy tool to easily recall what you've done

git recall


git-recall is a simple tool that allows you to easily go through your commits and check what you or other contributors in your team did. It doesn't aim to be a replacement for the git log command, but just to be a convenient way to recall what you've done from your terminal.


$ git recall   [-a <author name>]
               [-d <days-ago>]
               [-b <branch name>]
               [-p <paths>]
Options description:
  • -a - Restrict search for a specific user (use -a "all" for all users)
  • -d - Display commits for the last n days
  • -b - Specify branch to display commits from
  • -p - Specify path/s or file/s to display commits from
  • -f - Fetch the latest changes
  • -h - Show help screen
  • -v - Show version
How to use:

Once the commits are displayed, you can use either the arrow keys or j/k to switch between commits, press TAB or e to expand/reduce the commit's diff or q to quit.


when the number of lines between the commits list and a commit's diff is higher than the current terminal session's number of lines, the result will be displayed using the less program which will open the diff in a separate screen. You can still use either TAB or q to return to the commits list.


$ git recall
# By default (without options), the command will display commits from yesterday and
# for the current user.
$ git recall -d 5 -a "Doge"
# The command will show all Doge's commits from 5 days ago.

$ git recall -d 5 -a "all"
# The command will show commits of all contributors from 5 days ago.
$ git recall -f
# Fetch commits beforehand.


Without using tools

You can install it by simply copying the git-recall script into any existing path (e.g. /usr/local/bin) or create your own directory and add it to the PATH variable.

Make sure to run chmod +x /usr/local/bin/git-recall or the directory in which you copied it to.

Using NPM

Use npm to install the project.

npm install --global git-recall
Manual install

Clone the project and install it using make install.

$ git clone
$ cd git-recall
$ sudo make install


  • OS: Linux or OSX
  • Bash 4.3 or more
  • Tools: git, less, sed
Optional Requirements
  • For a better UX, it's recommended to have installed the lesskey program.


Pull requests are welcome, along with any feedback or ideas.



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