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krita plugin using the Krita python script manager; requires Krita 4.2.x or later (currently using the 4.2.0 pre-alpha version, git 325cbf6)

Exports to a spritesheet from the animation timeline (using all visible layers) (the spritesheet's number of rows and columns are user-defined; default would be Best Fit (trying to form a square) (could be One Row instead, still to be decided))

  • EDIT: I also wanted one to import a spritesheet to the animation timeline of a new layer, but there actually already are built-in tools: simply (with your spritesheet open) go to Image > Image Split then (in a new file of the same dimensions as one frame), File > Import Animation Frames
  • EDIT2: The Import Animation Frames option also renders useless the merge spritesheets feature, as you can just File > Import Animation Frames and then Tools > Scripts > Export As Spritesheet

Installation instructions:

  • Download the script using the green "clone or download" button on this page, then clicking "download as zip"
  • Import the plugin into krita, by either:
    • opening krita, going to Tools > Scripts > Import Python Plugin, then selecting the zip file you downloaded, and clicking Ok into the next dialog box; or:
    • extracting the .zip and putting both the spritesheetExporter.desktop file and the spritesheetExporter subfolder into the pykrita folder in krita's resources folder (that you can find through Settings > Manage Resources > Open Resources Folder)
  • Restart Krita if it was open
  • Activate the plugin by going to Settings > Configure Krita > Python Plugin Manager and checking Spritesheet Exporter (if krita was open, you may need to restart it to see the script in the list, I'm not sure)
  • Restart Krita
  • you can now use it in Tools > Scripts > Export As Spritesheet
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