Custom Task Icon at Locus Panel

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If you did create a Tasker Task for Locus which need to be executed manuelly, you could convert it to a custom panel icon.

Install preconditions

Prepair your Task

Make sure that your Task does work and your configuration is done because you can't change the configuration afterwards.

  1. Run Task to make sure that everything is correct
  2. Click on the icon button at the bottom to assign an icon for your Task

Export your Task as App

  1. Long click on your Task
  2. Click on the 3 dots top right to open the menu
  3. Export As App

Configure App Export and install it

Edit Locus Panel

  1. long click on panel
  2. change panel

Add to Locus Panel

  1. new entry
  2. add Application: select your generated and installed app "GMaps to GuideTarget"


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